Vegetable Soup and Chicken

I had way too much produce in the refrigerator and needed to make good use of it before it all went bad so this was the easiest and healthiest solution.  Vegetable soup!  I had a bunch of fresh herbs, too!


I decided to throw in everything at once, even the whole stalks of rosemary, thyme and Italian parsley.  I should have slowed down and made a broth and then strained them out but didn’t.  I ended up having to pick out the rosemary stems later which wasn’t the best.  I learned my lesson.  I was cutting corners and experimenting.  I know better!  Anyway the flavor was great!



I covered everything with chicken broth and let it simmer with the lid on.  Meanwhile, I cooked up some garlic and shallots to go with the chicken thighs.  These are cooked in olive oil with generous salt and fresh ground pepper.  I like lots of pepper on my chicken and love shallots and garlic, too.





Here is the finished soup and chicken!  Simple and healthy!