Henry’s Scrambled Egg Pizza!





I don’t even know how to start to describe this!  During spring break a friend of mine was in town and invited me to see Wicked with her extra ticket.  I had made a lasagna for the family to eat while I was gone and left a clean kitchen and a nice lasagna on the stove ready to eat.  As I left I said, “Henry, if you want to make some fococcia bread to go with this you are welcome.”  Well, this was the result of that simple comment.


This is the kitchen I came home to!  It was late and dark and I saw the pizza he had made and took a bite to taste it.  It was really good but I couldn’t figure out the topping.  The kitchen was like a crime scene and I searched around for clues.  I saw the food processor out with a strainer with tomato pulp in the sink.  I remembered a text while I was gone that said, “Where is the tomato sauce?”  I replied, “I used it all in the lasagna.”  Henry couldn’t find any jarred tomato sauce and decided to improvise with fresh tomatoes and pureed them to make his own sauce in the food processor.  I kept eating and enjoying it and finally asked Henry, “What is this mysterious topping?”  It was a very seasoned egg mixture!  It tasted so good!  I don’t remember all the details but the story went something like this.  He used some Trader Joes pizza crust dough and put his homemade tomato sauce on top and then added a few cracked eggs on top.  Well, the dough cooked faster than the eggs and then he scraped off all the semi cooked eggs and scrambled them in another pan and then returned them to the top of the pizza with some cheese on top.  I think the tomatoes probably got mixed into that too somehow.  There was lots of garlic and oregano and other seasonings.  The result was delicious!  Unfortunately, it is not that recreatable.  I saved what was left and heated it up the next day for these pictures and enjoyed it again!


The night before the egg topping was more fluffy and moist.  The reheating brought down the volume so it was different the next day but still delicious!