Roast Pork Nachos

When we were in Utah for Kenzie’s wedding, we stopped by our favorite neighborhood Emigration Market.  We were talking to the butcher about this roast we used to buy called a spoon roast.  He told us that we could use a Pork Boston Butt or Shoulder or a Beef Chuck Roast.  He gave us a container of the seasoning they use to bring home with us.  I bought a Pork Boston Butt from a butcher in Greenwich Village.  He gave me some extra butcher paper to bring home with it.  I rubbed it with the seasoning and wrapped it up.  I cooked it for 6 hours (2 hours per pound) at 350 degrees.  He said to put it in a pan with a shallow covering of water.  I think this keeps the drippings from burning and smoking up the oven.  Anyway, it turned out tender and perfect.  I shredded it up and put it on top of some nachos garnished with avocado and various salsas

IMG_9510IMG_9508 IMG_9507