This lasagna isn’t particularly special other than it created a string of events that led to some other amazing discoveries in the kitchen.  This is the lasagna I made before going to see Wicked with my friend Elizabeth Muirbrook when she was in town during Easter break last year.  I had to hurry so I used jarred tomato sauce with some Italian sausage thrown in and a homemade béchamel sauce since I had no ricotta.  I am not sure if there is even much other cheese in here other than some fresh parmesan.  It tasted just like you would expect.  I think I remember the edges of the noodles being kind of crunchy.  Anyway the lack of jarred tomato sauce is what set Henry off in the direction of making his own sauce from fresh tomatoes and ended up with the amazingly interesting and deliciously new idea of scrambled egg pizza and a disaster in the kitchen when I got home.  (This is all on another post)  It also made me realize that I really like my own bolognese sauce and need to add that sauce recipe to my blog posts here and that recipe led me to using my bolognese and béchamel for an impromptu lasagna like dish that I thought was amazing.  So it’s all good!


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