Coffee, Cinnamon and Pecan Muffins with Rich Espresso Icing

Yesterday I needed to decalcify my espresso machine’s steam wand so I was delving into the manual online to see how much vinegar to use.  I came across this recipe which looked very interesting.  Obviously heavy on using espresso.  I have made Tiramisu but never baked with espresso or used it in frosting.  I was intrigued by the use of olive oil, lemon, cinnamon, nuts and coffee in a muffin, so I decided to try it this morning.

IMG_6943 IMG_6945
These tasted pretty good!  My husband’s response was there was too much frosting.  Well, it wasn’t the frosting!  They were undercooked.  The recipe said 12 to 15 and I cooked them 15 minutes.  Still they had a gooey part in the middle that melded with the frosting.  Not good unless you like that kind of thing.  I ate it anyway and liked the flavors.  The lemon zest created an interesting flavor combination with the cinnamon and coffee.  The nuts added a nice texture being kind of chunky.   The frosting was yummy!  I decided to put the other 4 back in the oven to see if I could cook them the rest of the way and get rid of the gooey middle.  I ended up cooking them about 12 more minutes.  I think that was because they had to heat up all the way again and then cook.  They still were dense and moist, not dry at all.  The second I ate was much better!  They are very rich in flavor and something you wouldn’t want to eat all the time.  I was definitely feeling the kick from the espresso while I started into my 3rd muffin.  Not sure how many calories these have so I decided to stop there.Overall, I am glad I tried these.  I would make them again sometime.  If you are interested in making these yourself, the recipe is sideways on the last picture.