Drunken Noodles with Shrimp


I bought this in Chinatown wanting to make Drunken Noodles at home but kept procrastinating.  I finally put the bag on the counter and had it stare at me for a few days until I finally gave in and just went for it.  I didn’t have the perfect ingredients but I had some coconut curry sauce that I made for these Gandhi Bowls earlier.  I found some frozen shrimp from Trader Joes and jumped in with what I had!

IMG_7006 IMG_7008 IMG_7009 IMG_7013 IMG_7017

I first sauteed the shrimp in oil in the wok and removed.  Then I cracked in an egg and scrambled it.  I sauteed some sweet red peppers, onion and broccoli I had on hand.  I added the noodles that had been soaking in the water and added some soy sauce and my coconut curry sauce.  I cooked it until the sauce started to caramelize which was all very quick, threw in the shrimp at the last minute and there it was!  It was really good but after a few hungry bites I realized it was pretty salty as my son and I were asking for water.  I need to be more careful about just throwing in too much soy sauce next time.  I realized that those noodles aren’t so scary after all.  They just need to soak in the cold water for 5 or 10 minutes and then just throw them in like any other noodle stir fry.  I would definitely make this again but will experiment with different sauces, vegetable and meat combinations.