Latte Art!

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My husband and I have been working on our latte art for about a year now.  It is a lot harder than you think.  You have to first get awesome espresso with a great crema.  A great crema is a sign of fresh high quality coffee beans and a good extraction.   Then you also need to learn to master making the steamed milk without any big bubbles and into the consistency of wet paint.  Once you can accomplish this step the latte will taste amazing even if you don’t have the pour/design down yet.  Then you have to learn to pour it just right to make the design.  It is not easy, but has been a fun learning “contest” with my husband.  Once you get all these things right you are guaranteed an amazing tasting latte!



This last one is my most recent.  I used fresh beans from our trip to Costa Rica.  We took a tour of the Doka Coffee Estate.  This is Tres Generations Espresso from Doka.


And finally a latte paired with some homemade coffee cake!  This is an adaption of the Bisquick coffee cafe recipe.  I will share this recipe on its own post!