Happy Spring Breakfast!

I feel alive again!  The sun is warming up Manhattan and I can finally walk around and enjoy this place!  I took two amazing walks this week!




This was yesterday!  This walk was a thrilling adventure!  I saw so much of Manhattan on a picture perfect day with the whole world in full bloom!  It makes up for all those snowy weekends this California girl was stuck in her apartment binge watching Netflix and ordering Seamless food delivery!  I am ALIVE AGAIN!  and this breakfast reflects my intense happiness now!

This is how I made it!

A couple days ago I made some steamed cauliflower with basil and some steamed heirloom carrots.

IMG_8307 IMG_8306

They were delicious and healthy and had plenty leftover so I thought I would use them in an omelette this morning.


So I sauteed my shallots in olive oil and added the carrots and cauliflower along with my favorite rosemary ham.


I added some spinach for color and health and 2 eggs.


I scrambled the eggs and grated some amazing provolone cheese from Fairway.  I never thought provolone tasted this good but it was special kind from Italy.

Scramble up and there you go!


Now for a latte!


I split a single shot of espresso for a latte.  Roger thinks it is ridiculous to split a single but that is how I like it now.


And I also had the best blackberries of MY LIFE!  Fairway had a sale and I bought 4 packages because they were so cheap.  After I ate one I had a transcendental experience taking me back to a warm summer day at my great grandfather’s house in Fair Oaks when he gave me a fresh picked blackberry to try.  I looked at it and it was warm and saw these little hairs coming off it.  It looked scary. But when a blackberry is fresh and sweet it blows your mind.  Now I know why he wanted me to try it then.  These were like that!  Fresh and sweet!  I gave some to Henry and told him “It will be a long time before you ever eat one like this again!”  I went back to the store to get more and talked to the girl restocking the shelves with more and said, “These were so good yesterday I had to come back for more at 4 or $5.00”  She said, “This is the brand from yesterday and pointed to the last 5 packages while she stocked the shelves with 50 more of the new brand.  She admitted the new ones were not as sweet.  She was right.  So sad.  I bought a bunch more anyway and came home to figure out how to use all the not so sweet ones and ate the good ones savoring each one at a time!  This breakfast was the last of them!