Pasta in cream sauce with corn, broccoli and ham with chicken

This was another peek into the frig dinner.  I cooked up chicken thighs and tenders that needed to be cooked or else.  I cooked them in olive oil, salt and lots of pepper.  I made this new shape of pasta that looks like little pieces of lasagna noodles.  I sautéed some cooked broccoli, ham, corn, peas and red peppers.  I only had half and half for the cream sauce and was worried about that.  I simmered basil in the cream which always tastes great.  I added a lot of parmesan to the cream to thicken it and it started to curdle a bit.  I kept going and added the veggie mixture and stirred in the pasta.  I topped it with more parmesan and served with a piece of chicken.  I kept my mouth shut about the texture of the sauce and served it to Roger.  I was surprised when he commented how good it was!  I guess it tasted like ricotta had been mixed in and that seemed to go with the lasagna like noodles.  Good to know!

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