Henry’s Winning Sandwich


Henry and I watched Cutthroat Kitchen and had a sandwich competition.  This was his creation.  He took some really fresh french baguette and grilled it with a filling from a mozzarella and salami rolled thing we got at the store.  I don’t know exactly how he cooked it but the cheese was melted perfectly and the bread was crisp and delicious!  He made a sauce to go with it which was every condiment he could find and some cilantro and green onions blended into it.  I think there was mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, sirriacha.  We may never know!  It tasted great!  I was skeptical when he was pureeing the green onions and cilantro into the sauce but it tasted so fresh!  I really enjoyed this sandwich.  I declared him the winner!  Roger did, too!  That night I made the black bean burgers, sweet potato burgers.  Those were second place to this!  And is presentation was so fun, too!