Henry’s S’mores Brownies

This was Henry’s second attempt at S’mores Brownies.  The first had the marshmallows cooking in the brownie batter and turned into a thick chewy but delicious candy like thing.  These turned out much better and more like a real s’more.  I would have added chocolate chips on top of the brownie to give it the strong chocolate flavor you expect from a s’more but these were still really cool!

Henry put down a layer of graham crackers and then poured over the batter from a package of brownie mix.  After 20 minutes or 10 minutes less than the time on the box Henry put a thick layer of marshmallows down and covered them with more graham crackers and baked again for 5 or 10 minutes.  They were pretty messy but I guess that is what you expect from s’mores.  The next day they were easier to handle.

IMG_9818 IMG_9817 IMG_9816 IMG_9815 IMG_9814 IMG_9813 IMG_9812